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Good Night Patches (1 Month Supply)

Good Night Patches (1 Month Supply)

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Vibrants patches are embedded with natural frequencies that deliver the vital information your body needs to get a good night sleep — without drugs or side effects.

Improve your
sleep, naturally.

Our sleep aid patch is a safe and naturally effective way to reset your internal alarm clock, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

100% Drug-Free

Safely effective without harsh
chemicals or ingredients.

No Side Effects

Non-invasive and naturally
regulated by your body.

Safe for All Ages

Designed to be convenient
and safe to wear daily


Bioresonance Therapy

Vibrants revolutionizes traditional resonance physiotherapy with a safe, effective and convenient patch that syncs naturally with your body and fits seamlessly into your life.

Each patch is a multi-layered system of advanced technology materials that are embedded with a unique matrix of energy, the universal language of all living things. These energy bundles are formulated to correspond with targeted functions and wellness factors of the human body.

When properly applied, Vibrants releases its stored energy directly into your body’s own energy field, allowing your body to identify and absorb the bio-frequencies it needs most to restore balance and optimize overall health.


Carefully peel the patch from the white protective liner to expose adhesive surface.


Apply firmly to clean, dry skin. Each Good Night patch will remain active for 8 soothing hours.


Drift gently into dreamland without fear of side effects or waking up groggy.

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